For Immediate Release October 23, 2014

The USJA has a partnership with Israeli Krav Maga (Gidon Fighting System).  This customized and streamlined krav maga program is designed enhance the USJA’s self-defense curriculum while providing USJA clubs additional exciting business opportunities.  The Krav Maga USJA program will be spearheaded by David Kahn and HC “Sparky” Bollinger.

David Kahn authored three best-selling krav maga books with his most recent book having won three national book awards.  In addition, David produced the number one selling and most highly rated companion award-winning Krav Maga DVD series on Amazon.  David received a 5th dan in Japanese Jujitsu from the USJA and received a 3rd dan, the highest ranked belt awarded outside of Israel after 19 years of training and more than 30 trips to Israel with Israeli Grandmaster Haim Gidon.  Sparky Bollinger is a retired Marine Corps officer and a USJA board member with 35 years of martial arts experience with multiple high level rankings in multiple disciplines and systems, including a 4th dan in Japanese Jujitsu from the USJA.

Professionally, David and Sparky have trained senior hand-to-hand combat and defensive tactics instructors for U.S. Marine Corps, British Royal Marines and Royal Navy, FBI Academy and FBI Hostage Rescue Team, DEA Academy, New Jersey State Police Academy, New Jersey and Tennessee Department of Corrections SWAT teams, US Marshals, Federal Air Marshals, US Secret Service, ATF, DOD Police and host of other agencies.  They have also been featured in more than two dozen national publications including Men’s Fitness, USA Today, Esquire, GQ, Fitness, Details, LA Times, Fitness, Washington Post, Men’s Health,, Special Operations Report, Seventeen and Allure.”

David Kahn Head of Israeli Krav Maga explained:

“In the past, we were pursued by a number organizations wishing to partner with us.  It was not until we entered discussions with the USJA, a professional, storied, and non-franchise focused organization, that we found the optimum partner.  We were attracted to the UJSA’s focus on quality over quantity along with the working with serious, dedicated martial artists.  USJA President, Gary Goltz and USJA Marital Arts Committee Chair, Lowell Slaven bring great experience, integrity, and vision to the correct expansion of krav maga in the United States.

Gary Goltz, USJA President added:

“As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the USJA is dedicated to evolving krav maga self-defense for 21st century needs while allowing all martial artists to progress in an egalitarian organization developed for the betterment of humanity.   The program will include opportunities to train with Israeli Grandmaster Haim Gidon.  This is what we believe the krav maga’s founder Imi (Emerich) Lichtenfeld would have wished. The USJA is an outstanding organization to introduce the Israeli krav maga method to judo clubs nationwide.”

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We are sad to announce that Yoshisada Yonezuka, 9th Dan passed away on late Saturday afternoon, October 18, 2014.

Yoshisada Yonezuka ‘Yone’ was born May 19, 1937 in Nakasato, Aomori, Japan.  He began to train in sumo and judo in 1954, becoming the Northern Japan High School Champion in 1955.   Yonezuka entered Nihon University in 1956. After defeating nine 2nd degree black belts in succession at the Kodokan, he received a special promotion to 3rd degree black belt. He also began studying several styles of karate; shorinji-kempo, wado ryu, and shito-ryu.  In 1959, he was a member of his university team winning the team championship.  In 1956 he graduated Nihon University with a degree in business.

Following his childhood dream he came to the United States and began teaching judo at West Point Military Academy. In 1960 he moved to  the United States.  In 1962, Yonezuka founded the Cranford Judo Karate Center. He was also the founding coach of the Judo program at New  Jersey Institute of Technology (then known as Newark College of Engineering) during the mid-60s. Additionally, he served as an instructor  at the Jerome Mackey Judo Schools.  Yonezuka was twice chosen to serve as head coach of the United States at the Olympics Judo Team, and  he coached three U.S. World Judo Championships Teams as well.  He is also founder, former President and current Executive Director of the  U.S. Sumo Federation. He was awarded the Kudan which is the Ninth Degree in judo in 2007. He also held an 8th Degree Black Belt in Karate  and is 5th Black Belt in Sumo.

Earlier this year he was diagnosed of Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) the same diagnosis as Robin Roberts of Good Morning America.   MDS are a group of diseases that affect the bone marrow and blood. In MDS, the blood-forming cells in the marrow slow down, or even stop, making the three types of blood cells. Most patients with MDS will develop anemia (low numbers of red blood cells) and may need blood transfusions.

Our heartfelt condolences go out his family, friends, and judo students. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Yoshisada Yonezuka Memorial Fund, 107 South Ave., Cranford, N.J. 07016.

Painting by Andor P-Jobb 


Karl Geis Promoted to Judan

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